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For Indoor use and can be placed on the mantle for easy use. The kindling axe comes Iin 3 different weights.1950 grams FOR MEN, 1650 grams WOMEN AND 1550 gms teenagers. Hand forged kindling axe. Everytime you connect with your timber, only one hand is needed to split the wood into smaller peices for your fire starter. This is an award winning axe from Europe and will last a life time. With a life long guarantee, this is a unique tool for splitting kindling. Its made from hard Austrian steel hand forged over a hot fire temperatures are at 1100 degrees and then at 200 hits per minute this tool is hammered into shape. Then an ash hadnle is attached and a plastic hand protector to avoid splinters and view throught to see your wood. This axe comes with a neat stand.Ready to use anytime.2 years of developing time to create this master peice. Its an unusual axe.

Price: $200.00